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Preparing Indoor Environments For A Safer Future

Why ventilation is crucial in the battle against airborne pathogens and pollutants

We’ve put together a handy e-booklet to provide advice and guidance on making indoor environments a safer place for everyone.

The digital download includes reasoning as to why proper ventilation is incredibly important, and how to actually defend our places of work, our homes and our favourite local establishments from current and future dangers.

Some of the topics we've covered include:

  • Virus and pathogen transmission
  • Why being indoors is more dangerous than being outdoors
  • How pollutants and overall air quality are a contributing factor
  • How to adapt and manage existing ventilation systems
  • What to do if there is currently no indoor ventilation

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    We're all still at risk.

    Over a year later, and COVID-19 is still a significant risk to the global population. Lockdowns and restrictions remain firmly in place, and our day to day lives continue to be heavily impacted in almost every aspect.  

    But, there is hope on the horizon. 

    We’ve all seen the recent developments surrounding the COVID vaccine. Every single one of us has spent the entirety of the pandemic on the edge of our seats, waiting intently for a way to build a solid defense against the virus. It’s felt like an eternity, but that wait is almost over. 

    However, the virus has taught us a lot. It’s taught us that we need to remain vigilant. It’s taught us that we must pay more attention to our interactions. And it’s taught us that good, clean air is incredibly important – It’s vital to create a safer world for every single living being that calls Earth home. 

    Whilst the vaccine will eventually provide us all with the immunity we’ve been waiting for, we still need to make changes to achieve the air quality that we all deserve. 

    What does this mean?

    A great deal of research has been carried out throughout the duration of the pandemic. Every aspect of the virus and its effects on our lives has metaphorically and literally made its way under the microscope. We’ve gained a significantly improved understanding of pathogens in such a short space of time, and that in itself is an achievement that every individual involved should be commended for. 

    The lockdowns and restrictions imposed by governments the world over have resulted in the closure of countless businesses and premises. The air inside buildings, combined with human proximity and general indoor conditions, has meant that these places have become incredibly dangerous to our safety in these unnerving times. COVID-19 has infected thousands upon thousands of people, simply through the air that we all breathe in every single day. 

    Pathogens and pollutants are rife in the air inside buildings and enclosed spaces. For that reason, the changes we make need to reflect this. Not only for the sake of building more and more protection against COVID-19, but for the sake of improving air quality in every single building. 

    That’s why we’ve put together our advice on improving the air quality inside your building. Not only for your sake, but for the sake of the people you love and care about – your family, your friends, your staff and your customers. Their safety is imperative, and without acceptable air quality inside any building they visit, the risks could remain for quite some time.