Welcome back to our monthly news round-up. This month, we’ve got some advice on tackling mould and condensation problems in properties from Vent-Axia, some news regarding a gas boiler ban in London that’s due to take effect within the next decade, and a technical drawing service that Domus Ventilation are offering that’s completely free of charge! Read on to find out more…

Condensation and mould could be a more prominent problem this year – Homevent and Vent-Axia provide solid advice and solutions

It’s that time of year where the weather takes an unfortunate turn for the worse. Cold temperatures making their way across the UK throughout Winter also coincide with the property-related problems that those temperatures and weather conditions can bring.

Homevent (the residential division of Elta Fans) have recently issued a warning that condensation and mould could be a more prominent problem this year. They state that 2020’s events are lending themselves to the problem, with people spending significantly more time inside their airtight homes. This in itself can increase the occurrence of condensation, with prolonged occurrences leading to damp and mould. Not only is this damaging to properties, but it can also have severe adverse effects on the health of the individuals living inside these properties. Thankfully, Homevent themselves are providing a free 1-hour seminar that’s available for all social housing landlords entitled “Providing Adequate Ventilation in Existing Homes” in order to help combat the problem – if you’re interested, simply email John Bradley at jbradley@eltafans.co.uk.

Vent-Axia have also recently published an article on how their highly-effective PIV range can tackle this problem in properties. They state that 58% of people have suffered with mould and condensation within their homes, meaning the problem has affected thousands upon thousands of people. But with their PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) solutions, Vent-Axia have found that their innovation can deliver comfortable, healthy living conditions for any property.

Vent-Axia state that PIV is “an energy-efficient method of pushing out and replacing stale unhealthy air with drier fresh air by gently introducing filtered air into the home and increasing the circulation of fresh air around the property”. This method of ventilation is regarded as one of the most effective ways to tackle poor indoor air quality, as it actively removes moisture from the air which is the cause of condensation, and removes what would otherwise be mould-friendly conditions.

Here’s a quick overview of two of Vent-Axia’s PIV solutions for domestic properties:

PoziDry Pro™/PureAir Home

  • Designed for properties with a loft
  • Can be hung from rafters or mounted on fully-adjustable anti-vibration feet in the loft
  • Versatile installation options ensure that finding the perfect position is easy
  • Optional F7 filter will remove almost all pollen from the air
  • Optional F7 filter can also help to reduce diesel particulates
  • Ultra-low noise levels (as low as 9dB(A)) in the home for unobtrusive operation

PoziDry Compact Pro

  • The smallest PIV on the market, designed for properties without a loft
  • Easy to find space to install in even the smallest of homes
  • Suitable for use in apartments as well as houses
  • Two inlet and two outlet position options enable 16 possible installation orientations
  • Flexible heater option allows heater to be located at either unit or diffuser level (locating at diffuser level can save up to 4°C of heat loss)

For more information on tackling condensation and mould in properties through adequate ventilation, or for any enquiries about Elta Fans, Vent-Axia or any of our other brands, get in touch with us today.

A ban on gas boilers in London is coming, with heat pumps to be their replacement

It’s currently unclear as to whether these restrictions and regulations will be implemented across the entirety of the UK as time goes on, but it’s evident that the UK government want to further invest in tackling the causes of climate change head-on. This new initiative will go alongside the already-established plan to ban the sale of new fossil-fuelled vehicles in the UK by 2030, as well as further investment in EV charging infrastructure, offshore wind power, developing nuclear power, and the blending of hydrogen into natural gas supplies. All in all, their efforts are sure to have a positive impact on the state of our climate change situation, which is a constantly growing concern.

The UK government is continuing with its aim for a greener future. Part of their plan is to introduce a ban on gas boilers in London in 2028, whilst all new homes built will be fitted with ground and water heat pumps. The number of homes fitted with this technology is expected to be around 80,000 per year by 2028. New homes mustn’t be heated by gas after 2023, meaning gas heaters are to be phased out entirely by that point.

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Domus Ventilation provides a FREE MVHR and MEV technical drawing service

Are you looking for a professional MVHR or MEV technical drawing service at an affordable price? You’re in luck. Domus Ventilation recently announced that they’re offering their technical drawing services free of charge.

Their dedicated in-house Technical team already provide a wealth of services, and alongside this new free service, you’ll also receive a range of benefits to aid your project as it is carried out. All you need to do is send Domus Ventilation your project details in order to enquire about the service. Alternatively, as we work closely with Domus Ventilation ourselves, if you have any questions or enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!