If you’re installing anything on a flat roof, rugged, reliable support is essential. With StrutFoot Universal Flat Roof Support Systems, that’s exactly what you get!

Every StrutFoot system is designed and engineered with precision, ensuring that no matter what you need to support – it’s going to be safe. And this month, we’ve got three different systems to suit any situation. Big or small.

StrutFoot Support Systems

Strutfoot support systemIf you’re looking for a complete support installation, a StrutFoot Support System is the perfect solution. This versatile system is ideal for supporting M&E services, as well as air conditioning and refrigeration units mounted on a flat roof. StrutFoot systems are a quick and economical solution with an easy-to-install design.

These support solutions utilise StrutFoot’s STRUT framework. Not only does this provide incredibly strong support for your devices, but it also gives you a convenient way to manage your cables. This means you can keep everything safely supported whilst minimising mess and trip hazards.

The feet don’t penetrate your roof’s waterproof membrane either, so you don’t have to worry about leaks causing havoc in your building. And with anti-vibration pads on the bottom of each foot, hum and noise caused by your rooftop devices are kept at bay.

Whether you’re using the system for an individual unit or for a complete installation, these intuitive systems provide you with an excellent way to keep your units safe and running smoothly. And if you’re still unsure, here’s a few of the StrutFoot System’s best features:

  • Non-drill system that’s quick and easy to install
  • Robust design that’s perfect for use on flat roofs
  • Rugged STRUT framework provides strong support for devices
  • Cross-compatibility with all STRUT type brackets
  • Convenient cable management keeps mess and trip hazards to a minimum
  • Services can be installed under units quickly without penetrating roof membranes
  • Integrated anti-vibration pads absorb potential disturbances from equipment
  • Available in standard and bespoke configurations with feet and blocks available separately

H Frame Kits

Strutfoot H Range Kit This non-drill system is quick and easy to install. With a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction, H Frame Kits are more than capable of withstanding the rigorous nature of life on the roof. And if you’re using them to support any powered devices (such as an AHU), pre-attached anti-vibration pads absorb any potential noise annoyances that can often transfer themselves into your structure, so you can live and work disturbance-free. These kits are compatible with StrutFoot’s STRUT products too, so you can create the perfect support system with complete peace of mind.

  • Here are some great reasons to choose an H Frame Kit:
  • Intelligently-designed modular solution that’s quick and easy to install
  • Non-drill system adds flexibility to system positioning
  • Services can be installed under units quickly without penetrating roof membranes
  • Integrated anti-vibration pads absorb potential disturbances from equipment
  • Comes complete with fixings and brackets
  • Available in 305mm and 500mm sizes, and features a safe working load (SWL) of 350k

SBR Recycled Rubber Feet

Manufactured in-house using recycled SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) from truck tyres, these rubber feet are ideal for creating a reliable support system on your roof. Thanks to the recycled nature of these feet, StrutFoot have helped to reduce the environmental impact of tyre disposal.

SBR is an ideal material for these feet. It boasts a rugged nature with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cracking. It also ages much better than natural rubber, so these SBR Recycled Rubber Feet will provide you with years of reliable support. Each foot is incredibly robust and weighted, so you don’t have to worry about your supported units moving around on your roof either.

The feet are compatible with StrutFoot’s STRUT systems. This gives you excellent stability combined with ultra-strong support and convenient cable management. The pre-galvanised channels in the feet also make fitting the framework quick and easy. And with a variety of different foot sizes available, you can build the perfect support system for your needs.

  • Manufactured in-house using recycled SBR from truck tyres
  • Compatible with StrutFoot’s ultra-strong STRUT systems
  • Robust and weighted design keeps movement to an absolute minimum
  • Pre-galvanised channels make installation quick and easy
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs

All of the above StrutFoot Universal Flat Roof Support Systems are available from Edmundson Ventilation and Heating. If you have any questions regarding these or any other of our products then do not hesitate to contact us.