2020 is almost over. With less than a month to go until the New Year, it’s time for us to tell you about our latest featured products for December. This month, we’re focusing on the Manrose MixFlo (MF) and Vent-Axia ACM ranges of inline fans.

Here at Edmundson Ventilation and Heating, we’re specialists in the supply of all ventilation products. We’re currently the largest stockist of Vent-Axia in the UK, and we also keep all Domus Ventilation’s PVC ducting ranges in stock in order to accommodate all ventilation builds and project requirements. That means that no matter which inline fans suit your needs the best, we can directly provide you with everything you require to complete your system. Let’s take a look at both the Vent-Axia ACM and Manrose MixFlo ranges…

Vent-Axia ACM Inline Fans

The specifier’s choice – the Vent-Axia ACM range delivers class-leading performance with that signature Vent-Axia quality and durability. Long have Vent-Axia held a prestigious reputation for product design and performance, and the ACM range is no exception.

These high-quality inline fans feature motors with three selectable speeds. These speeds can be selected during installation and are fitted with S.T.O.P. (Standard Thermal Overload Protection) for complete peace of mind. The motors used in each ACM model are capacitor run (this is true for each size) and are designed for use in ambient temperatures up to +50°C.

When it comes to installation, the Vent-Axia ACM range features a separate footplate that enables straightforward location mounting. Each size also boasts detachable spigots which provide simple connection to your ducting. You can rotate the motor body chassis in order to achieve a proper connection in tight spaces, whilst cleaning and maintenance can be done easily as the ACM range allows you to remove parts and components without having to remove any ducting.

Overall, the ACM range provides exceptional energy efficiency in a mixed flow inline design, complete with quieter operation as well as two and a half times the pressure of a conventional axial fan. The ACM range is also much more compact than conventional axial fans, making them an ideal choice for any ducted application. Each size in the range can be operated either horizontally or vertically without a problem.

With regards to control, you can use an optional Vent-Axia 1.5 Amp electronic controller to make the most of the variable speed capabilities of the range. The controller can be surface mounted and provides variable speed control with an ON/OFF/SENSOR slider complete with a handy indicator light. Using the controller, you can also make use of the adjustable minimum speed setting, whilst electrical connections enable the use of external sensors for environmental control.

Key Features:

– ACM 100-200; ACM 250-315 models in stock with Edmundson Ventilation and Heating

– Designed for supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz

ACM 100-200

– Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

– Three speed motor

– Removable motor core

– Rotating motor chassis

– IP44 rated

– Aesthetically pleasing design with wipe-clean polymer casings

– Sound data for the range acquired from independent testing

– Running speed selectable on installation

– Timer versions available

ACM 250-315

– Available in two sizes

– Supplied complete for straightforward installation

– Fan performance can be optimised using a Vent-Axia controller

– Diagonal impeller with stator

– Galvanized metal housings

– Integrated thermal switch

– Designed to meet IP54

– Each fan comes complete with a mounting bracket

For more information on the Vent-Axia ACM range, get in touch with us today.

Manrose MixFlo Inline Fans

Offering comparable performance to the Vent-Axia ACM range, the Manrose MixFlo series provides exceptional value for money complete with quality you can trust. The MixFlo range boasts three speed settings and is designed for in-duct mounting. They have been designed from the ground up to produce higher working pressures, making them an excellent choice for higher air flow requirements.

Despite the high-performance design, the Manrose MixFlo range also boasts much lower relative noise. This means that the MF range keeps auditory obtrusions to a minimum. Each fan within the range can be used with either rigid or flexible ducting too, ensuring phenomenal installation and system flexibility.

Each fan boasts a ball bearing, long-life motor than is continuously warranted and rated for a minimum of 30,000 hours, or 3 years. This durable design and life rating gives consumers and installers complete peace of mind with regards to unit reliability. Each unit is also specially constructed for simple removal from ducting to enable easy maintenance. All in all, they are a great affordable alternative to the Vent-Axia ACM fans and are ideal for a wide variety of situations and uses.

Key Features:

– All sizes of the Manrose MixFlo range in stock here with Edmundson Ventilation and Heating

– High-quality ball bearing, long-life motors which are continuously rated and warranted for a minimum of 30,000 hours or 3 years

– High air flows are achieved through flexible duct

– Compact overall dimensions for unobtrusive installation

– Each model features 3 speed settings – selected via an internal dip switch

– Double insulation means no earth is required

– Fully Building Code compliant

– Fully BEAB approved rated to IPX4

– Easy installation and maintenance as the fan assembly can be easily removed from rigid ducting due to the specially designed construction

For more information on the Manrose MixFlo range, give us a phone call today on 0121 351 5604.