When it comes to effective ventilation, particularly with the current situation at hand, you want to ensure you can make use of the best possible solutions for any environment. With regards to commercial fans, Domus Ventilation have the answer – meet the D-Series, Domus Ventilation’s high-quality fans designed for intuitive installation in walls, windows, roofs and ceilings.

Versatile Ventilation

Domus’ D-Series gives property owners and businesses the flexibility they need to ventilate their environments effectively without the hassle and frustration of more complex solutions. The series offers a competitive alternative to other commercial fans on the market, providing a powerful feature set which is straightforward to operate.

The D-Series range comes in three different sizes – 6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch. Each fan size in the series can be purchased as a variant, which allows for installation in walls and windows, and even roofs and ceilings. This means that property owners and managers are able to install the series in a manner which is suitable for their needs, whilst remaining unobtrusive.


Efficient and Effective Supply and Extraction

One of the biggest benefits of the D-Series fans is their reversible nature. Each and every D-Series commercial fan can be installed for either supply or extraction, meaning you can choose the best solution for your needs prior to installation, or even change things around later down the line thanks to infinitely variable control capabilities.


Each D-Series fan is based around the requirements for high performance and efficiency too. A high-efficiency impeller and external rotor motor provide outstanding performance compared to other commercial fan designs. Their noise levels are also significantly lower, resulting in sound levels from 31dB(A) at 530l/s or 1908m³/hr, meaning the D-Series provides reduced interference and noise pollution when in use. Plus, with a handy economy speed setting, each D-Series fan can be set to maximise performance whilst keeping energy usage to an absolute minimum.


Rugged Construction

Keeping in line with Domus’ reputation for reliability, the D-Series boasts a durable design that enables each fan in the range to withstand the demanding nature of daily use. Flame-retardant ABS forms the basis of the D-Series’ construction, whilst an IP44 rating gives property managers the peace of mind that their fans are able to resist particulate and moisture contaminants to a high degree. These factors combine to create an extremely durable solution that’s rated for long life and that is able to operate safely.


Flexible Sensors and Control Capabilities

When it comes to configuring D-Series commercial fans, Domus Ventilation have enabled users to fit a wide variety of sensors to aid performance, efficiency and more. These sensors include PIR, humidity, and run-on-timer capabilities. Each sensor can either be integrated within the fan unit itself, whilst the humidistat sensor can be mounted remotely in order to achieve specific ventilation needs.


In addition to the sensors, D-Series fans can also be connected to a handy control unit, the DX-CON. A single DX-CON can be used to remotely control the speed and operation of up to five fans of the same size. The controller can be installed and positioned (ideally) at least 1.5-metres above ground level (and away from any direct heat sources), meaning the controls for the fans can be mounted in a central, easily-accessible location within a property.


A Range to Suit Your Needs

As we mentioned earlier, the D-Series is adaptable to a wide variety of applications and situations. At Edmundson Ventilation and Heating, we stock a variety of commercial fan kits and individual components to meet your individual needs. Let’s take a look at the options…


D-Series Window Fans (WW)


Window fans are available as a kit or as an independent fan module. They come complete with adaptable ancillaries such as window spacers and weather terminals. The window fan models available are:

  • DX6WW – 6” fan
  • DX9WW – 9” fan
  • DX12WW – 12” fan



D-Series Pitched Roof Fans (PR)

Pitched roof fans offer simple, straightforward installation and operation within angular roofs. Their design makes them suitable for use in all weather conditions. D-Series pitched roof fan kits include a pitched roof cowl, a fan spacer, fan module, and an internal grille. The pitched roof fan models available are:

  • DX6PR – 6” fan
  • DX9PR – 9” fan
  • DX12PR – 12” fan


D-Series Flat Roof Fans (FR)

Flat roof fans offer a similar approach to the pitched roof fans, but are designed for use in flat roof applications. These kits include a fan spacer, module and internal grille just like the pitched roof offerings, but instead of a pitched roof cowl, they feature a flat roof cowl instead. The flat roof fan models available are:

  • DX6FR – 6” fan
  • DX9FR – 9” fan
  • DX12FR – 12” fan


D-Series Wall Fans (WL)

Domus Ventilation’s D-Series wall fans incorporate an ultra-quiet thermo actuator as well as highly-innovative motor and impeller technology to deliver outstanding performance, efficiency and sound levels in a commercial wall fan. In fact, they’re one of the quietest wall fans available today. These kits include an internal grille, a fan module, an adjustable wall sleeve, and an external grille. Installation is straightforward and the fitted fan is unobtrusive too. The wall fan models available are:

  • DX6WL – 6” fan
  • DX9WL – 9” fan
  • DX12WL – 12” fan


D-Series Ceiling Fans (PL)

If you’re looking for a discreet fan solution for either a solid or panel ceiling, the D-Series ceiling fans are the perfect choice. Each and every D-Series ceiling fan can also be installed with Domus Ventilation’s weather or roof terminals, m

eaning you can implement optional exhaust points to suit a wide variety of situations. The ceiling fan models available are:

  • DX6PL – 6” fan
  • DX9PL – 9” fan
  • DX12PL – 12” fan

D-Series Individual Components/Ancillaries

Aside from the fan kits and components, the series also consists of a diverse range of ancillary components in order to accommodate different needs and aid with maintenance. These are as follows:


  • Basic Fan Unit – Fan module with an internal grille.
  • Window Spacer – Used for exposed site installations. Designed for use with weather terminals.
  • Single Spigot Adaptor – Designed for use with ducted systems. To be mounted onto the front of a DX-WS (window spacer).
  • Weather Terminal – Designed for exposed window installations.
  • Roof Terminal – Designed for use with flat roof installations only.
  • Wall Fixing Plate – Designed for use with window kit spacers and/or weather terminals, this fixing plate is suitable for use with timer and thin walls, pitched roofs and above-ceiling applications.
  • Picture Frame Adaptor – Designed for panel, ceiling or retro applications. Ideal for when uneven walls require a fix.
  • Wall Duct Liner – Designed for use with wall fan installations.
  • Louvered Grille – Durable fixed-blade external louvred grille.


Talk to us to find out more!

The D-Series offers the perfect solution for all applications, from new builds to refurbishment and replacement. If you’d like to know more about the Domus Ventilation D-Series, get in touch with us today. We stock all the kits and components you need here at Edmundson Ventilation and heating, and our friendly team are always on hand to help with any enquiries.