It’s that time of year when the weather’s getting colder again, and the heating we all need might be in need of an upgrade. Luckily, ATC have created the perfect solution that provides modern functionality, straightforward installation and operability, and a whole host of unique, advanced tech all encompassed in a single high-quality radiator. So, this month we’re going to take a look at the ATC Sun Ray RF Electric Thermal Radiator range and give you an in-depth overview of how it can transform the heating quality of both new and existing properties alike.

The Award-Winning ATC Sun Ray RF Series

When it comes to heating, ATC certainly know how to deliver a quality product. They have spent nearly three decades creating solutions that directly respond to the needs and requirements of the modern world. They prioritise value, safety, design and efficiency in every single one of their creations, and the Sun Ray RF range is no exception. So much so that the series was the main focus in ATC’s project which was awarded the Project Of The Year EIFI Award 2019, as well as the range being nominated for the Electrical Product Of The Year at the Northern Ireland Electrical Awards 2019. Let’s take a look at why this range deserves such excellent recognition…

Green Solutions for an Evolving World

The situation with the Earth’s climate has been a heavy talking point for quite some time now. It has also become evident that unnecessary energy use has contributed quite significantly to the problem. That’s why ATC ensures that their products are able to operate efficiently without sacrificing performance. Hailed as one of the most innovative heaters currently being manufactured, the Sun Ray RF range utilises a vast collection of technology that enables each and every model to work with exceptional energy efficiency whilst maintaining outstanding comfort in any environment.

Each radiator in the range combines PID Intelligent Control with a Triac electronic thermostat. This enables the radiators to remain within 0.2°C of the set room temperature when in use. Any electricity that isn’t required for simply maintaining this temperature isn’t used, meaning the Sun Ray RF range is one of the most economical electric heat solutions available. What’s more, each product within the range is capable of detecting when there is an open window in the environment. It does this when a sudden temperature fall is evident, and after 20 minutes the radiator will automatically suspend heating to avoid wasting energy.

You can also make use of two program options and three operating modes with the Sun Ray RF electric radiators. The two program options are Digital and Manual, whilst the three operating modes in both program options consist of Comfort, Eco, and Frost Protection. These individual modes provide a wide variety of functions to suit a diverse range of situations and needs. When running the radiators in Program mode, the radiators are able to measure the room temperature before the time that they are set to start up. This enables them to anticipate the heating needs of the environment, meaning each Sun Ray RF heater is able to intelligently and accurately select the time required to heat up a room sufficiently, gradually bringing the temperature to the correct level for when the set time begins. This not only aids energy efficiency, but also the comfort of any individuals within the toom as well.

Overall, the energy efficient designs of the entire range can help to reduce the impact of excess energy use and wastage on the climate, as well as saving bill-payers money simultaneously!

Intuitive Control via a Dedicated App, Complete with Wireless Capabilities

ATC have designed each and every radiator within the Sun Ray RF range with the end user in mind. That means that each model boasts an intuitive design that is simple and straightforward to operate, because the last thing anyone needs is complexity when it comes to heating a property and remaining comfortable. Each radiator within the series features a large, easy-to-read and understand TFT LCD display with clear definition of each mode and function directly on the screen.

Below the screen, there are four simple buttons that enable users to configure and adjust the settings on their heater with ease. The “OK” button provides a simple way to change modes, confirm times and more from a single button, whilst a multi-function button next to it allows for one-button boosting or quick and easy menu access. The final two buttons provide for multi-function options and are labelled as “-” and “+”. These are used for quickly changing the temperatures, days, hours and so on, which can then be confirmed with the aforementioned “OK” button. All in all, this makes setting the Sun Ray RF radiators up directly from the control panel itself quick and hassle-free.

One thing that really makes the range stand out is the wireless control capabilities. Each model can be controlled through RF (radio frequency) technology using the Gateway. The Gateway is a handy control unit that can be used to operate up to 30 Sun Ray RF radiators simultaneously, and is available from us here at Edmunson Ventilation and Heating along with the rest of the range. It can be used as a central hub for controlling a radiator profile, and is required to enable RF and WiFi operation. The Gateway enables users to make use of ATC’s intelligent Smart Control app for flexible wireless control from a variety of devices.

The app itself makes the range suitable for a wide variety of situations and environments. Properties and apartment builds can utilise the app for remote adjustments to radiator settings, hotels and hospitality venues are able to control heating from their reception area, offices can make use of the range’s intelligent design features with remote control capabilities, and places such as holiday homes can benefit from remote Frost Protection modes for complete peace of mind.

With the app, the radiators can be controlled from absolutely anywhere in the world at any time. All three program modes can be utilised with ease directly from the app, and as we mentioned above, up to 30 radiators can be controlled at once. You can also use the app to monitor whole-house energy usage using one of ATC’s optional RF-Monitor products. And finally, if users are a fan of voice control technology, they’re in luck – the Smart Control app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for intuitive voice control capabilities.

A versatile, high-efficiency and ultra-intuitive range

All in all, the ATC Sun Ray RF range offers outstanding capabilities to keep up with the demands of the modern world. Let’s take a quick look at the key features of this flexible, intelligent range:

  • Simple to program and operate
  • Large, easy-to-read TFT LCD display
  • Three operating modes – Eco, Comfort, and Frost Protection
  • 10-year Battery Backup for Program and Time
  • Triac electronic thermostat that remains accurate to within 0.2°C
  • PID Intelligent Control that significantly improves energy efficiency
  • Open Window Technology detects sudden temperature drops and suspends heating to prevent energy wastage
  • Adaptive Start feature in Program mode ensures efficient heating for maximum comfort and energy efficiency
  • Intuitive control capabilities – standalone from the radiator itself, or wirelessly through ATC’s Gateway and Smart Control app
  • Voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Low Surface Temperature option
  • Universal wall brackets for quick and easy installation
  • Filled with high-quality thermal emission oil for rapid heat-up times
  • Complies with LOT 20 Eco-Design Directive 2009/125/EC
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • Complies with EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-30
  • 3-year ATC warranty on electrics
  • 20-year ATC warranty on aluminium

The ATC Sun Ray RF range is available from Edmunsons with the following models:

  • RF-500 – 4 fins, 500W, 580mm x 420mm x 100mm (H x W x D), 8.8kg
  • RF-750 – 6 fins, 750W, 580mm x 580mm x 100mm (H x W x D), 12.5kg
  • RF-1000 – 8 fins, 1000W, 580mm x 740mm x 100mm (H x W x D), 16.4kg
  • RF-1250 – 10 fins, 1250W, 580mm x 1060mm x 100mm (H x W x D), 20kg
  • RF-1500 – 12 fins, 1500W, 580mm x 1060mm x 100mm (H x W x D), 23.9kg
  • RF-1800 – 12 fins, 1800W, 580mm x 1060mm x 100mm (H x W x D), 23.9kg
  • RF-Gateway – Sun Ray RF controller/hub for Sun Ray RF radiators (enables RF/WiFi wireless control via Smart Control app for up to 30 radiators)

Each radiator model within the Sun Ray RF range boasts an IP20 protection rating, 230V mains operating voltage, and an insulation class of Class 1.

If you’d like anymore information on the ATC Sun Ray RF Electric Thermal Radiator range, get in touch with us here at Edmunson Ventilation and Heating. We stock each of the models listed above, and our friendly team are always on hand to help you with any enquiries you may have.