Ready for some more news from the brands we work with? This month we’re bringing you the details on three quality products from Domus Ventilation, Greenwood, and Glen Dimplex. We’ve also got something just a little bit different for you at the end too…

Domus Ventilation NOX-FILT – The Solution To Better Air Quality

Within the construction industry, the demand for better, cleaner air is a serious priority. That’s where Domus Ventilation‘s NOX-FILT in-line carbon filters come in. These meticulously-designed filters are built to be placed on the supply leg of mechanical ventilation systems. With this design, it means that no thermal insulation is required, but an impressive 99.5% of airborne contaminants can be completely prevented from entering a property through the NOX-FILT alone.

NOX-FILT filters have been designed to address the excessive amount of harmful NO2 that exists in urban environments. NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) is released into the atmosphere whenever any form of fuel is burned, which means everything from combustion engines in vehicles to the natural gas burnt in a typical domestic heating system produces this gas. High levels of NO2 can cause serious respiratory problems, potentially even causing serious long-term problems to life. It can even have a detrimental effect on vegetation.

It goes without saying that minimising any individual’s exposure to NO2 is extremely important for many reasons, which is something that the NOX-FILT carbon filter range is extremely good at. However, it goes much further than this. The range from Domus Ventilation includes an option for a PM2.5 pre-filter that can maximise the filtration of harmful particulate matter too (everything equal to or larger than 2.5 microns). This, combined with the NOX-FILT’s filtration capabilities regarding NO2 and other harmful contaminants, is what makes the series such a perfect fit for city environments.

For more information on the NOX-FILT in-line carbon filters or any other Domus Ventilation solutions, get in touch with us. Our friendly team are always on hand to help and answer any questions you may have.

Greenwood Omnique OF100GIP – Five Years Of SBD Accreditation

When it comes to effective ventilation, security is a crucial consideration. Greenwood know this, and that’s why their OF100GIP multifunctional window fans are the only fans to achieve official SBD (Secured By Design) accreditation. The range has held this title for five years now, and still remains the sole holder of said title.

Extractor fans have long been a target for burglars. They used to be a common weakness that these individuals would utilise to gain entry to a property with minimal fuss. This means that making sure any extractor fan installed throughout a property must be safe and secure in order to deter thieves from making their way in. This is why Greenwood took it upon themselves to work closely with local authorities, secure housing designers and social landlords to create a fan gives the occupants of a property the peace of mind that they’re safe.

The Omnique OF100GIP boasts two robust polycarbonate fixing plates which attach to the inside and the outside of a glass window. These plates are designed to sandwich the glass and remain in place with exceptional durability, even in the event of the cowl being removed by unauthorised hands…

With this design, there are no external edges that potential thieves or trespassers can use to remove the fixing plates from the glass, or from the fan on the property’s interior. This prevents any unauthorised access, as well as stopping anything from being passed through the fan and into/out of the property itself. Plus, with handy side-positioned grills, you can be sure that nobody can peer into the property through the fan, providing the privacy that all occupants desire.

What’s more, the Omnique OF100GIP has been tested to the British Window Standard, and has been an SBD Police Preferred Accredited product since receiving its accreditation five years ago. This is possibly the reasoning as to why the fan is still such a popular product within the UK today, now five years on. Its practical, efficient design is cost-effective, delivers exceptional ventilation, and offers an excellent deterrent to intruders who would normally target a property through what would normally be one of its weakest access points.

On one final note about SBD accreditation, any manufacturer who intends to gain SBD accreditation for their products must have them go through rigorous testing, as well as being certified by an independent third-party certification body (which must also be accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service) before being allowed to carry the SBD logo. SBD accreditation is currently the only way to gain recognition from the police for any security-related products within the UK.

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Glen Dimplex Natural Air 350 MVHR Unit – Built For The Modern World

For four- and five-bedroom properties, it can be difficult to find the perfect balance between healthy air quality and energy efficiency. But Glen Dimplex has released a new MVHR unit which can give a property that balance. When creating the Natural Air 350, they wanted to ensure that the demands and requirements of the modern day were met. They worked closely with regulatory specialists and their customers in order to determine those needs, resulting in a practical, intuitive, highly-efficient and effective MVHR solution.

The Natural Air 350 gives the property in which it is installed the healthy indoor air quality needed. Inside, an EC ball-bearing motor ensures that the entire unit runs efficiently, saving vital energy that helps both the environment and the property owner’s bank balance.

The unit provides a selection of key features, including:

Intelligent humidity control

Gradual increases in the humidity of the environment is addressed by a clever active humidistat for effective climate control.

Easy to install and maintain

Despite growing specifications, the entire unit is easy to install. The Natural Air 350 consists of two lightweight unit sections within a sturdy metal case and EPP structural foam body. This dramatically reduces the complexity of installation for quicker, simpler installs. Intuitive access to components such as fans, filters and the heat exchanger makes maintenance simple and straightforward too.

Silent operation

Occupants do not need to worry about auditory intrusions, the Natural Air 350 boasts sound absorbing EPP material that effectively dampens noise, whilst the unit’s direct airflow path minimises internal pressure drop. These elements combine to ensure much quieter operation.


The heat exchanger within the Natural Air 350 and unit-specific fan configuration are positioned alongside a G4 filter. This helps to improve the air quality of the property whilst simultaneously tackling the issue of energy use.

For more information on the Natural Air 350 or any other Glen Dimplex solutions, get in touch with us today.

Go “Under” In Norway With Help From SystemAir

If you like things that are a little bit different, you’re going to love this. Ever fancied eating quality food whilst looking out across the ocean? What about swapping that picturesque ocean view for something that’s a little ‘deeper’? Well, since March 2019, people have been enjoying the mysterious and uniquely beautiful view of life under the sea from their tables in a restaurant called ‘Under’ in Norway.

Under’s alternative location allows diners to experience the breath-taking perspective of life below sea level without getting their feet wet. A vast panoramic viewing window adorns the far wall of the restaurant, letting you look out into the deep, dark depths of the ocean and witness the elegance and beauty of local sea-life. Scientists have developed special unobtrusive technology to encourage fish and other sea creatures to become more inquisitive when it comes to the underwater landmark, giving visitors a view that’s sure to leave a lasting memory. What’s more, the structure, which was designed by Snøhetta architects, has been built to form and meld with a natural reef that helps the surrounding environment to thrive, meaning it’s as environmentally-conscious as it is incredible.

With such a unique choice of location, it’s important to ensure that fresh air can be supplied and refreshed efficiently and effectively to keep everyone inside safe and comfortable. It’s also important to make sure that any air handling and ventilation units didn’t intrude on precious floorspace. That’s why SystemAir were involved in providing the perfect solution to make that happen.

‘Under’ utilises SystemAir’s compact, energy-efficient Topvex SR-09 air handling unit. The Topvex SR range offer a small-footprint design that minimises the amount of floorspace taken up by the ventilation system. The series boasts a rotary heat exchanger design, providing an effective supply of fresh, clean air whilst removing all stale and musty air. This design is ideal for use in ‘Under’. The location of the restaurant is in the icy waters of the North Sea, and rotary heat exchangers are perfect for dealing with cold, harsh environments thanks to their ability to humidify the air and prevent freezing, delivering significant improvements to the indoor climate and comfort.

If you’d like to experience ‘Under’ yourself, head on over to Lindesnes, Norway. But if you’re interested in finding out more about SystemAir’s Topvex SR series or any of their other products, get in touch with us today.