It’s that time again! We’re continuing our round-up of the latest product news from our leading brands, keeping you up to date with everything that’s been happening. This month, we’ve got news from Zip, Systemair and Hyco. Keep on reading to find out more…


Drinking water systems based around the use of plastic bottles are becoming problematic. The over-use of disposable plastic bottles comes with a whole host of risks for the Earth and everything that calls it home. Thankfully, Zip have been busy ensuring that systems which utilise plastic bottles can be replaced with a greatly-improved, eco-friendly system with ease – it’s time to meet the HydroChill range.

This innovative series is able to provide up to 280-litres of clean, clear sparkling or ambient filtered water every single hour. That’s the equivalent of 373 typical (750ml) plastic bottles full of water. This makes it ideal for offices, hospitality environments and much more. With its high-output design, the HydroChill range enables a vast amount of people to make use of safe drinking water without a single plastic bottle in sight!

Every HydroChill unit utilises a 3-micron Zip MicroPurity filtration system. This means every single millilitre of water from the device is guaranteed to be safe and free from contaminants, as well as boasting a pure taste from every sip. Zip also offer a range of re-usable glass bottles and other accessories for the HydroChill range, making it an excellent alternative to tap water and the potential mountain of disposable plastic bottles.

The HydroChill range is available as a floor-standing, counter-top, or under-counter solution. There’s a choice for almost any environment or application. Get in touch with us here at Edmundson to find out more.


If you’re looking for maximum safety from your fan installation, Systemair has the perfect solution. Their new MUB-EX family has been built with exceptional safety and outstanding flexibility in mind. The range is designed as a quality solution for the oil and gas industry, industrial premises, the pharmaceutical industry, educational buildings and more.

The range of fans boasts powder-coated, backward-curved, radial impellers crafted from either steel or aluminium, as well as voltage-controlled external rotor motors. These motors feature cables for quick and easy connectivity to a motor protection switching device, allowing you to ensure that your fans are able to operate safely. Plus, the range also boasts copper inlet nozzles, which eliminate the risk of sparking even in exceptional conditions.

It’s not all about the insides though. Part of what makes the MUB-EX range so safe and versatile is the housing design. The housing’s frame profile is crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminium, complete with rugged plastic corners. This robust frame design provides the highest possible impact resistance, preventing structural damage from occurring through knocks and drops. Inside the walls, there’s a layer of 30mm mineral wool insulation that keeps any noise spilling out from the fans to an absolute minimum as well as ensuring thermal decoupling. The walls themselves are able to be re-configured with ease too, meaning you can adjust the air direction on-site without any hassle at all.

MUB-EX fans are available in six sizes, and are constantly being optimised by Systemair for maximum performance. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.


When multiple hot water outlets are required, you need a water heater that can handle the job. The Hyco Powerflow Smart water heater range does exactly that. Perfect for kitchens, schools, restaurants, washrooms, healthcare environments, offices, domestic spaces and more. The Powerflow Smart range offers a diverse variety of features and technology to ensure excellent performance.

There are four variants within the Powerflow Smart range:HYCO POWERFLOW SMART UNVENTED MULTIPOINT WATER HEATERS

  • PF30S – Suitable for 3 to 5 basins
  • PF50S – Suitable for 4 to 6 basins
  • PF80S – Suitable for 5 to 8 basins
  • PF100S – Suitable for 7 to 11 basins, or 1 bed/1 shower

Each model within the range features a slender, slim-line design that can be wall-mounted with ease for unobtrusive installations. They’re all compatible with standard water taps (including mixer taps) and are equipped with a 3.0kW element to heat your water up quickly and efficiently. Speaking of efficiency, the 30L version boasts an ErP rating of A, whilst the 50, 80, and 100L versions all boast a rating of B.

The Powerflow Smart range also features a range of smart technology, meaning the entire system is able to work safely and efficiently. This technology allows the unit to automatically heat up to full temperature and monitor the usage throughout the coming week. The Powerflow Smart system will then adjust its heating times the next week, in relation to the usage of the previous week, in order to match the demand. This reduces wasted energy when the system isn’t in use.

Alongside the Smart mode that these intelligent heaters offer, each Powerflow Smart system also boasts a manual mode that allows you to take full control over the heater. There is also a handy eco mode which boasts a maximum storage temperature of 50°C. This mode means that the total available water will be reduced, along with standing losses. Eco mode is perfect for scenarios where low draw off is required.

Here’s a run-down of the Powerflow Smart range’s key features and benefits:

  • Slender slim-line design
  • Mains pressure flow rates
  • Smart technology gives high energy efficiency
  • Three modes of operation – standard, smart and eco
  • Eco mode at 50°C
  • Erp ratings A 30L, B 50, 80 and 100L
  • Can be used with regular taps, including mixers
  • 3.0 kW element for fast heat up time
  • 1.0 kW option coming soon
  • Digital control panel
  • Neon element on indicator
  • Patented technology ensures incoming cold water does not immediately mix with stored hot water in the tank making more hot water available
  • External electronic temperature control
  • Glass lined tank, 3-year tank warranty
  • Comes complete with unvented accessory kit
  • Optional thermostatic mixing valve available
  • Wall mounted, connections to the base
  • Cable pre-wired (1.5m)

For more information on these versatile systems, or any other of our products and brands, contact us and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.