The world has been a very different place over the past few months. That hasn’t stopped some of our leading brands launching some top-quality products though. Now more than ever, good ventilation and climate control is absolutely crucial for any environment, and this month we’ve got a brief round-up of some of those products that will help to achieve that…

Systemair Geniox Core Air-Handling Units

With its compact footprint and intuitive pre-configured design, Systemair Geniox Core AHUs put the genius of simplicity and efficient air management in your hands. These innovative units boast a small size without compromising on energy efficiency or functionality. Its compact dimensions make it an excellent choice for installing inside technical rooms and more, whilst new installation options provide a convenient way to get your system installed, commissioned and maintained.

The Geniox Core air-handling units come in seven different sizes with airflows ranging from 750m³/h all the way up to 17,500m³/h (0.2m³/s to 4.0m³/s). Each model features plug fans with EC motors IE5, as well as either a high-efficiency rotary heat exchanger or counter flow heat exchanger. Plus, Geniox Core units let you freely place components such as attenuators (which also keep everything running quietly), dampers, and heating and cooling coils on the unit’s exterior.

Combining an intuitive, compact, easy-to-install design with excellent adaptability, the Geniox Core AHU series is an ideal choice for those who need a small-footprint unit with exceptional performance capabilities.

  • Compact and flexible design with a convenient small footprint
  • Able to place components such as dampers, attenuators, and heating and cooling coils externally
  • Pre-configured design with a variety of ready-to-go options available in SystemairCAD
  • Systemair Access control system complete with a user-friendly NaviPad control panel for easy control
  • NaviPad provides you with a variety of dynamic flow charts for simple adjustability
  • Tested in the factory to ensure maximum reliability and performance
  • Easy to install, commission and maintain
  • Sectioned design for indoor installations – two sections for the rotary heat exchanger, three sections for the counter flow heat exchanger or with a heat pump

EnviroVent ATMOS Ventilation Systems

ATMOS ventilation systemIt’s easy to see why EnviroVent’s ATMOS ventilation systems have won the prestigious ‘Innovative Product’ award from the Building Communities Awards 2020. It’s the second award that the system has received, making it a highly-regarded solution for a variety of applications. This unique system has been designed to provide effective and efficient ventilation throughout an entire house, whilst giving both installers and end-users the ability to control system functions via a dedicated app.

The accolade was awarded due to the range of revolutionary features that really set ATMOS systems apart from the competition. This includes the innovative AirSens air quality sensor, which allows the air quality within the household to be monitored and adjusted with ease at any time. ATMOS systems also boast low energy consumption, and are much quicker and easier to install on average.ventilation flow through house

ATMOS is a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system which creates a clean, healthy living environment by continuously supplying fresh, filtered air from outside throughout an entire property. It can be easily installed within lofts (or on walls should there be no loft space available), and helps to combat the wide variety of detrimental effects often caused by poor ventilation or difficult-to-manage environmental factors.

It does all of this without being obtrusive. EnviroVent have ensured that the system operates as quietly as possible whilst taking up minimal space, so households won’t have to deal with large, noisy units to achieve exceptional internal air quality.

The ATMOS range consists of a diverse range of compatible components, meaning building the right system is straightforward and frustration-free.

Heatrae Sadia Supreme Water Boiling Units

Heatrae-Sadia-Supreme-Water-Boiling-UnitsWater also plays an extremely important role in our lives, particularly with the situation at hand. A quality water boiling solution is always a necessity, and Heatrae Sadia has the answer.

Their Supreme range offers premium-grade, permanently-plumbed and electronically-powered water boiling units with a range of innovative technology.

Supreme units boast Heatrae Sadia’s IntelliBoil Plus technology which allows users to bring their water to boil on demand. Each Supreme wall-mounted water dispenser also features a Biomaster silver-ion agent added to prevent the growth of bacteria within the water system. This means that clean, hot water is always available when it’s needed. And if the unit isn’t used for one hour, it will reduce the temperature by 10°C for maximum energy efficiency.

These versatile, high-quality units are available in a choice of eleven different capacities ranging from 150 to 560 cups of hot water one after another. Regardless of the chosen capacity, as the boiled water is being used, the system will automatically begin to heat any water that is replenished so that a constant supply is always available.

With excellent warranty options, outstanding microbial protection, and effective and efficient water boiling, Supreme units are an excellent choice for a wide variety of installations.

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