Every month, we will be providing an update of the latest product news for the leading brands that we supply. Here is a round-up of what has been happening over the last couple of months….

Congratulations to Zip

First of all, we would like to congratulate Zip for winning ‘Kitchen Product of the Year’ for their ‘HydroTap’ at the ‘Kitchen & Bath Business Product Innovator Awards 2019’ in the US. This is particularly impressive as the product had only been launched in America a few months previous.

The HydroTap dispenses pure-tasting, instantly boiled, chilled or sparkling water with a simple press of a button and has been hailed as the world’s most advanced drinking water system. This is due to the MicroPurity filtration system which reduces sediment, volatile organic compounds and parasites (greater than 0.2 microns) without reducing fluoride. The product has transformed the way people use and consume water in over 76 countries worldwide. Congratulations to them once again.

Vent-Axia Prove Silence is Golden

Vent-Axis Silent Fan

Vent-Axis Silent Fan

Vent-Axia recently extended its Silent Fan range for walls, ceilings, windows and panel mountings from 2 to 8. Already renowned for improving air quality at an ultra-low sound level, the new models provide greater choice to electricians and include the following features;

  • IP45 rating
  • Variable speeds
  • Humidstat options
  • Up to a 5 year warranty

Installation has also been made easier and safer as the new fans can be installed in the splash zone making them ideal for bathrooms.

In terms of controls, the range now has basic, timer and humidstat options as well as the choice of three variable speed intermittent fans. This allows for flexibility in terms of speed and noise during installation depending on requirements.

The extended Silent Fan range also complies fully with Building Regulations Approved Document F and L, will fit into existing 100 mm ducts and can be used as a replacement for existing silent fan installations as they are fully compatible. As a cherry on the cake, the Silent Fan range also has the additional selling point of an energy efficient motor which will help keep household energy bills to a minimum.

The Rise and Rise of MVHR

MVHR system

MVHR system

In a recent blog from Domus Ventilation, they explored why Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems have become so popular and what electricians should consider when making recommendations.

MVHR systems combine air supply and extraction into one system, creating a cost effective solution to improving air quality within any building. They do this by extracting and repurposing up to 94% wasted heat from wet rooms (in the case of Domus Ventilation products) to temper the fresh air being drawn into the property before it is circulated. This creates an improvement in air quality, but can also reduce energy bills by up to 50%.

However, electricians need to consider the following factors when recommending a system:

• The size of system in accordance to the size of the property
• Any additional noise the system may create
• The quality of the ducting within the property

For further information regarding installation and MHVR products, read the full Domus Ventilation blog here.