It’s round-up time! This month we’re bringing you more news from some of our leading manufacturers so that we can keep you up to date with what’s happening in the ventilation and heating world…

Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood

Kitchens have always required effective ventilation in order to ensure a clean, safe environment. Vent-Axia have released an exceptional above-hob solution. The Sentinel Kinetic Cooker Hood carries that same legendary Vent-Axia quality that has earned them such a prestigious reputation, and has been designed for installation in a 60mm aperture above a hob.

The hood boasts a telescopic design with two flat removable metal grease filters which make maintenance and cleaning quick and simple. A galvanised steel duct enables connection to a heat recovery unit, and the duct also features easy access for further cleaning. Plus, low energy light bulbs provide good visibility to the hob below whilst maintaining an energy efficient design.

When it comes to operating the Sentinel Kinetic, this efficient and effective cooker hood makes things simple. Simply opening the hood boosts the speed, whilst a summer bypass automatically opens to prevent any unwanted contaminants (such as cooking by-products) from making their way into a ventilation system’s heat recovery cell.

The hood is also built with safety in mind. An integral fire damper (in accordance with BRE Digest 398) ensures safe operation with minimal hood-related fire hazards, whilst a thermal cut-out fuse is able to automatically switch off the MVHR unit if excessive temperatures are detected in the airway.

Vent-Axia provide a variety of different models to suit a range of needs and applications. SELV models of the Sentinel Kinetic enable the hood to be installed and used with a reduced distance above an electric hob (reduced from 650mm down to 550mm). Models are also available with an integral humidity sensor that can increase the speed of the unit in relation to the detected humidity levels. This helps to save energy and reduce noise. The sensor is capable of detecting even the smallest rapid humidity changes and triggering a reaction, even if the standard trigger threshold isn’t reached. All in all, this ensures exceptional ventilation in even the smallest of wet rooms.

Whichever model is chosen, Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic range is easy to install with the ability to attach ducting to the hood horizontally, vertically, or both. It can be fitted inside a kitchen cupboard (with a minimum internal depth of 300mm), and horizontal and vertical spigots enable the hood to be installed in tight, confined locations. Additional spigots are available for when vertical and horizontal connections are needed on the same outlet/inlet.

Key Features:

  • Acoustic Top Box option for reduced in-duct noise
  • Recognised in SAP PCDB
  • Includes Cooker Hood Canopy
  • Horizontal duct option for space-saving installations
  • Fits within a 600mm wide aperture (300mm deep)
  • Integrated digital controller for simple and accurate commissioning
  • Plug and play controls; Humidistat, Wireless Remote
  • BMS connectivity
  • LS inputs (Light Switch)
  • Volt-free inputs
  • Self-diagnosis for simplified fault finding
  • Adjustable delay On/delay Off timer

For more information on the Sentinel Kinetic, Vent-Axia, or any products from the diverse range of manufacturers we deal with, get in touch with us today.

Touch-Free HydroBoil and EconoBoil Range Adaptors

With the worldwide situation at hand, refraining from touching as many surfaces as possible has become a daily consideration for every single individual on the planet. It’s also a consideration that has always been (and will always be) important in areas where hygiene is a concern. When it comes to boiling water dispensers, Zip has the answer…

Designed for their popular HydroBoil and EconoBoil ranges, Zip’s new touch-free adaptors enable people to dispense boiling water without having to have any physical contact with the tap. These adaptors are crafted from 304 stainless steel for durability and reliability, and they provide a quick, intuitive, low-cost solution for hands-free water dispensing.

One of the biggest benefits of these adaptors is the prevention of cross-contamination through touch. This helps to dramatically reduce the chance of spreading a variety of contaminants in hygiene-conscious environments, which is especially important even without the current pandemic.

Please note: The adaptors aren’t currently compatible with HydroBoil Plus models.

For more information on the adaptors or any of Zip’s product offerings, give us a call on 0121 351 5604 and speak to a member of our friendly team.

AC CLOUD – SystemAir’s Software Solution for Remote AC Control

Remote control capabilities have become a staple in almost every aspect of our lives in recent years, and now SystemAir have delivered those capabilities for their SYSAQUA range.

Designed to offer remote control over SystemAir’s chillers and heat pumps, AC CLOUD software provides exceptional functionality to streamline the control and configuration of SYSAQUA systems. One of the main benefits of utilising AC CLOUD is the significant savings that can be achieved thanks to the software’s in-depth functionality. The functions available through AC CLOUD help to decrease energy consumption of SYSAQUA components whilst also allowing for the optimisation of maintenance interventions.

Let’s take a look at the key functions of AC CLOUD:

  • A single view that provides a detailed overview of units and their operating data
  • The ability to change the main settings of units as well as controlling their panels
  • Intuitive scheduling of units
  • Configure and access automatic alarm systems for excellent security
  • Performant consumption’s monitoring
  • Simple browsing of data history
  • Complete and in-depth system diagnosis
  • Set and configure different access levels

Plus, AC CLOUD can be accessed wherever you want, whenever you want. This gives users the ability to be informed and control units remotely no matter where they are.

To learn more about AC CLOUD, SYSAQUA, and any other SystemAir products, get in touch with us today. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to help you with all of your enquiries.