Need a water heater for an existing room or extension that isn’t in close proximity to a central hot water system? The Speedflow Unvented Water Heater has the perfect solution!

The Speedflow Unvented Water Heater is a glass lined steel tank which is available in a 5, 10 and 15 litre capacity. The units are suitable for both commercial and domestic properties which require hot water to be supplied to a room which is far from the central heating system e.g. a utility room or cloakroom sink. The size of the unit required will be depended on the number of basins it is supplying with hot water;

Features and benefits of the Speedflow Unvented Water Heater

The features and benefits of this excellent product include:

  • Usage with regular and mixer taps
  • Mains pressure flow rates
  • 2.0 kW element as standard with a 1.2 kW element available for 10 and 15 litre models for restricted load applications
  • External temperature control including frost protection setting

The outer casing of the tanks are made of a practical, high impact plastic which can be easily cleaned and the insulation is a high intensity polyurethane foam. All versions are CE, WRAS approved and come with a standard 1 year parts or replacement warranty.

Installation and maintenance

The plumbing of the Speedflow Unvented Water Heater must be carried out by a qualified professional. The installation site can be above or below the sink, either floor standing or wall mounted, but the inlet and outlet must be at the top. It is recommended that a service valve is fitted nearby and flexible hoses are used for connection to make future maintenance as easy as possible. Electrical Connection Installation must comply with current IEE regulations.

The grey magnesium is replaceable and should be inspected annually or more regularly in scale/aggressive water conditions.

Speedflow Unvented Water Heater Accessories

Accessories may be required for the units in order to comply with water regulations. For instance, an expansion vessel & check valve is required if cold water is drawn off nearby and a pressure reducing valve is obligatory for pressures above 4.2 bar. An optional thermostatic mixing valve is also available to maintain a constant, safe temperature water supply for users. A full list of accessories available can be found here including information on the Fast Install Inlet Group which allow for easier and quicker installation.

For more information of the Speedflow Unvented Water Heater and its range of accessories, contact us today!