A Happy New Year from Edmundson Ventilation & Heating!

We will be providing regular updates of the latest product news for the leading brands that we supply throughout the year. Here is our first round-up of 2020.

Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic Plus B

The Sentinel Kinetic Plus B is proving to be the most popular unit in the Vent Axia heat recovery range. Such is the quality of this low energy consuming unit, it can cover everything from a small one apartment to the largest of houses.

The unit, which can be mounted on a wall or within a loft, includes a built in heat recovery unit, summer bypass and integral humidistat.

Some of the key features are;

  • extremely quiet operation
  • Multi spigot options
  • quick change filter
  • built in humidity sensor
  • digital controller
  • multiple ducting attachments
  • left or right hand installation

The Sentinel Kinetic Plus B provides the solution for most heat recovery requirements, but is particularly suitable for large houses and multi bed units such as student accommodation. According to the manufacturer, the unit performs at 400m3/hr at 150Pa. This is powerful enough to extract from 10 bathrooms and a shared kitchen and still achieve nearly 90% heat recovery.

The Unity CV3 from Greenwood

The Unity CV3 is a smart continuously running fan which has been designed as a solution for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms in both new and existing homes.

It has been designed specifically to reduce energy consumption (just 97p a year!), for easy compliance with regulations and to eliminate noise whilst improving indoor air quality within the home.

The fan also delivers Guaranteed Installed Performance as it senses reacts and extracts to the correct required performance of each installation.

It’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ technology includes the following features;

• SMART Humidity sensing
• SMART overrun timer
• ‘Do not Disturb’ night time setting

It was also the first fan with contactless technology, allowing access to real time information on your phone, making it a real trailblazer in the market place.

NOX-FILT 2.5 from Domus Ventilation

The NOX-FILT2.5 is an in-line indoor air quality filter which works in conjunction with a mechanical ventilation system (MVS). Together they improve indoor air pollution by reducing the amount of pollution that can enter the home.
The continuously functioning unit has been designed to sit discreetly in a cupboard space or ceiling void at the supply leg of the ducting system which supplies air to the living areas of the home.

The NOX-FILT 2.5 contains the same carbon filter as the standard NOX-FILT version, but has an additional PM2.5 filter to stop particulate matter up to 2.5 Microns. This additional filter will also stop up to 99.5% of NO2 pollution that would ultimately enter the home.

The NOX-FILT 2.5 is also low maintenance. The filters are estimated to have the following life expectancy, before needing to be replaced, depending on the installation environment.

• Main carbon filter: 2 years
• PM2.5 filter: 12 months

All of the above products are available from Edmundson Ventilation and Heating. Contact us for a price.