Are you looking for a light-to-handle, compact central mechanical extraction ventilation unit which allows for easier specification, space saving installation and minimal running costs?

Then look no further than our first product of the month for 2020 – the Zehnder Centair CMEV.4e and its high tech counterpart the CMEV.4eHT. The features and benefits of which include;

Features and benefits of the CMEV.4eZehnder Centiair CMEV.4e

• 0.16w/l/s specific fan power
• 5 individual 125mm extract spigots
• Easy wall, ceiling or floor installation
• precise commissioning due to 100% variable speed motors

Additional benefits of the HT model

• BMS capability
• 0-10V input
• Volt free contact boost capability
• SMART technology

Both models are from the Centair range which excels at maintaining low noise levels whilst running. This is due to the high grade polypropylene that the CMEVs are made from. They are also extremely easy to install. Simple pot controls make for an easy and accessible set-up that can also easily be adjusted at any point post installation.

Peace of mind

When purchasing the CMEV.4e or CMEV.4eHT you will have the peace of mind that they can be discreetly installed in a cupboard or loft space and that they work in conjunction with background ventilators. This ensures that they comply with System 3 of the Building Regulations as laid out in ADF: 2010.

SMART technology*

The CMEV.4eHT model incorporates both TimerSMART™ and HumidiSMART™, patented technology which is unique to Greenwood. TimeSMART™ has been designed to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption and nuisance noise. It does this by cleverly using the duration of which a room is occupied, such as a bathroom, to determine the length at which the unit runs at boost speed following departure. HumidiSMART™ recognises spikes in humidity that are man-made (e.g. cooking or bathing) and boosts ventilation to reduce the risk of condensation and mould.

If you are interested in the CMEV.4e or CMEV.4eHT do not hesitate to contact us. They are in stock, at an exceptional price and are available for next day delivery.