When it comes to comfort, getting the right ventilation for your building is incredibly important. There’s often a lot to take into account when choosing the perfect setup. That’s why Zehnder have created the ComfoAir Q range, providing you with a complete easy-to-use system that offers an intelligent blend of innovation and tried-and-tested technology.

ComfoAir Q ventilation units have been built to provide outstanding ventilation capabilities with excellent efficiency, quiet operation, and a plethora of smart technologies. Their state-of-the-art designs utilise a large quantity of innovations for optimal acoustic performance, heat recovery and energy consumption, so you can achieve the ideal indoor climate without compromise.

This range of unique ventilation units provides you with the following benefits;Zehnder ComfoAir Q Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

  • World-class heat recovery of 96% for maximum energy efficiency
  • Adaptive comfort technology, plus automatic passive temperature boost in summer
  • Left or right-hand unit configuration in a single device (controlled through software alone) for maximum installation flexibility
  • Mounting bracket available for wall-fixing or free-standing on mount
  • EC fans complete with high-quality Zehnder flow control for maintaining commissioned flow rates
  • On-board LCD display provides easy configuration and viewing of critical information
  • Three models available – Q350 (350m³/hr), Q450 (450m³/hr) and Q600 (600m³/hr)
  • Suitable for medium and large-sized properties
    •  Zehnder ComfoAir Q350 for up to 250m²
    • Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 for up to 300m²
    • Zehnder ComfoAir Q600 for up to 350m²
  • All units have been certified as an official Passive House component by the Passivhaus Institute

Exceptional heat recovery performance

Regarded as one of the most important specifications in any ventilation unit, Zehnder ComfoAir Q units boast a world-class heat recovery figure of 96%. This has a direct impact on not only the heating load, but also how much money can actually be saved on heating costs. With such a high heat recovery percentage, ComfoAir Q units are designed to make ventilation setup cost-effective with significantly lower heating costs.

This is achieved with Zehnder’s new patented sensor technology that automatically ensures that supply air is balanced whilst extracting air volumes. Time is saved even whilst the unit is being commissioned thanks to the dial-a-duty feature. Simply input the required airflow, and the ComfoAir Q unit will automatically adjust the motors to achieve it.

Built to operate quietly

Ever heard the ominous hum of a large ventilation unit in certain buildings? It can be loud, distracting, and it can be a serious inconvenience. That’s why ComfoAir Q units have been built with optimum acoustic performance in mind. These high-quality ventilation devices generate just 28dB(A) of sound, meaning a single unit is quieter than the average volume of a whisper (30dB(A)).

When looking for your next setup, it’s worth considering that an increase of just 3dB(A) results in double the perceived volume (so a device with a sound performance figure of 31dB(A) is going to be twice as loud as the ComfoAir Q range).

Maximum energy efficiency

ComfoAir Q units go further to make sure that ventilation is as efficient as possible. Each unit features a unique diamond heat exchanger with a large surface area that exchanges heat and air with astounding efficiency. The exchanger also boasts variable channel heights that provide consistent air flow with lower pressure loss. This innovative feature means less energy is needed to overcome air resistance, ensuring that everything runs with a much lower impact on your energy usage.

 Zehnder ComfoAir Q Heat Recovery Ventilation UnitHealthier air for a healthier life

As part of Zehnder’s commitment to comfort, ComfoAir Q units utilise improved air filtration to fill properties with clean, healthy air. Using a new filter concept with a pleated design, dust and particulates in the ventilation system are reduced to optimise air quality. The filters are easy to maintain thanks to a handy warning indicator on the start-up wizard that shows when filters may need attention or changing. Accessing the filters is quick and simple with no need for tools, whilst profile flaps provide a 100% seal to maximise filtration.

Ease of installation

With regards to installation, ComfoAir Q units are capable of either left or right-handed use and are compatible with all Zehnder ventilation components. This means you can build a high-quality Zehnder ventilation setup with ease. It also means that planning your ventilation, be it for a new or old building, is quick and simple. Zehnder also provide a handy step-by-step commissioning wizard for getting the equipment up and running smoothly.

Easy to get set upComfoAir Q unit LCD display

From the moment the ComfoAir Q units start, you’re met with an intuitive screen via the on-board LCD display that guides you through every step of the setup process, including an automatic self-test. Design drawings for the installed system can be used to type in the required airflow rates for low, medium and boost. This then allows the ComfoAir Q to set these rates across the entire installation. Changing the orientation of the system is simple too, and it can be done directly on-site. This means that both time and money can be saved as well as having a reduced risk of incorrect installations.

ComfoAir Q units are incredibly intelligent too. By taking the various outdoor temperatures at different times of the year into account, they regulate the temperature and humidity of the installed area for maximum comfort at all times. So the perfect indoor climate is maintained all year round.

Some of the extra benefits of a ComfoAir Q system include;

  • 100% full and filtered modulating summer bypass
  • Humidity boost that intelligently identifies potential man-made humidity spikes before boosting
  • A vast array of options are available for ComfoAir units;
    • ISO ePM1>65% (F7) filter
    • App for installer and end user
    • Wireless commissioning
    • Remote access
    • KNX compatibility
    • 0-10V input
    • Internal pre-heater
    • Post heater
    • Enthalpy cube

With models to suit a wide variety of property sizes, Zehnder has the perfect ticket to comfort and clean air with the ComfoAir Q350, ComfoAir Q450 and ComfoAir Q600.

All of the above Zehnder ComfoAir Q Heat Recovery Ventilation Units are available from Edmundson Ventilation and Heating. If you have any questions regarding these or any other of our products then do not hesitate to contact us.