As businesses slowly start to reopen following the easing of lockdown restrictions, brought in to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak, adequate ventilation will play a major part in how shops and venues can operate safely.

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that the past few months have been tough on businesses. Most spaces were forced to close as of 23rd of March 2020 leaving many unable to do what they love or even generate an income. But thankfully, times are changing.

As of the 4th of July, many lockdown restrictions placed on a variety of industries are to be partially lifted, meaning people will be able to visit pubs, non-essential shops, restaurants, hairdressers, hotels and more. However, social distancing measures will remain in place, and with good reason.

We’re not quite out of the woods yet, and we all need to do our part in preventing the spread of ‘the invisible enemy’ for the foreseeable future.

Proper Ventilation Will Help Keep Your Business Running

Without effective ventilation within your business’ premises, keeping your staff and customers safe from harmful contaminants in the air is going to prove very difficult. In fact, ventilation is central to the UK government’s plan to ensure that all work and retail spaces are COVID-secure before re-opening. Within the government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy it states:


“Use external extractor fans to keep spaces well ventilated and
make sure that ventilation systems are set to maximise the fresh air flow rate.”


The UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer has stated that ventilation helps to lower the transmission of respiratory viruses, whilst CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) has published practical guidance on reducing the risk of the airborne transmission of COVID-19 using ventilation in their ‘CIBSE Covid-19 Ventilation Guidance’ document.

Now is the time to ensure that your ventilation system is capable of fulfilling the needs of your working environment in order to effectively re-open your business. However, if you system isn’t up-to-scratch, Vent-Axia has an effective solution…

Vent-Axia T-Series Ventilation Solutions

Do you remember the days when smoking in pubs was allowed? Shortly before the ban came into place, pubs, nightclubs and other indoor spaces were recommended in building guidance to replace the air inside entirely with fresh air every 8 minutes. This was to extract all of the smoke to maintain a healthy indoor environment for everyone inside and was achieved using quality extraction and ventilation solutions.

That same recommendation can now help you to ensure that your business is COVID-secure when re-opening. By replacing the air inside your establishment, be it a hairdressers, pub, nightclub or restaurant, you can remove potentially harmful airborne viruses from the internal environment, reducing the risk of transmission and infection for everyone inside the venue. Vent-Axia’s T-Series is the perfect choice for achieving this.

Over Three Decades of Cleaner, Healthier Air

Since 1986, the T-Series has been a tried and trusted solution for room ventilation in a wide variety of industries. It has become a standard fixture in a diverse range of buildings across the globe, offering a simple installation procedure with plug-and-play operation.

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing extraction solution that’s like-for-like to the T-Series, installation takes less than 5 minutes. The T-Series boasts ‘Lo-Carbon’ and ‘Traditional’ variants for walls, roofs, windows, and panels. Each model features a connector Top Socket as standard for simple mains connectivity too. Upgrading your extraction system to combat the transmission of COVID-19 indoors is much quicker and easier than you might think.

But its not just installation that’s easy either. Every T-Series unit has been designed to make maintenance quick and hassle-free. Each component in the fans has been built with modular compatibility in mind, meaning each and every part can be replaced separately with ease.

Rugged Design with Wireless Control Capabilities

It’s not uncommon to see some of the original T-Series units from the 1980s still fully-functional and operating effectively today. They have stood the test of time, providing quality ventilation in all kinds of environments without a problem. That’s a testament to the durability of the T-Series, and it still carries over to the most recently manufactured models.

Regarded as the UK’s favourite commercial fan, the models within the series are renowned for their robust construction and meticulous build quality. Throughout the last 30 years, the range has been adorned with upgraded motors, impellers and grilles, meaning both performance and longevity have dramatically evolved. This is a series that will keep your air clean for a lot longer than just the post-lockdown period.

When it comes to controlling your T-Series fans, it’s a breeze. These fans are available with a wireless controller which lets you adjust and operate your units from up to 30-metres away. All without being tied down by potentially dangerous cables or troublesome on-board controls. You’ll also benefit from reduced installation times, as well as not having to worry about unsightly wires flailing around.

A Versatile Range to Suit Any Environment

As we mentioned before, the T-Series comes in a variety of variants. Firstly, there’s the choice between ‘Traditional’ and ‘Lo-Carbon’ versions. The Lo-Carbon models boast an improved low-energy DC motor, offering enhanced overall performance as well as lower-running costs. All without sacrificing that signature T-Series durability.

Each fan also comes in a variety of sizes – 6-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch – as well as wall, roof, panel, and window variants. So no matter what your installation needs may be, there’s a T-Series fan to suit. It’s easy to see why it’s the UK’s most favoured wall or window fan.

Vent-Axia T-Series


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More Advice for your Ventilation

Following advice compiled by the CIBSE in their journal entry on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in buildings, there are a few considerations when it comes to optimising your entire ventilation solution for re-opening:

Increase the air supply and exhaust ventilation to and from your rooms

To keep as much fresh air from the outside as possible being supplied to the rooms in your building, it’s recommended to keep your ventilation running for longer periods of time. This is particularly important in smaller spaces and toilet/wash areas. You should aim to achieve negative pressure within the room to ensure maximum removal of as many potential viral particles as possible.

Avoid the use of recirculation in your system

Virus particles are able to make their way back into buildings if recirculation (from centralised air handling units) is used.

Additional duct cleaning does not have a noticeable effect

You do not need to clean or maintain your ventilation ducts anymore than normal. REHVA state that “virus particles will not deposit easily within ventilation ducts and will normally be carried away by the airflow” meaning your regular procedures will suffice. It’s crucial to prioritise increasing the fresh air supply to your rooms and avoid using recirculation with centralised air handling units.

By following the advice set out by professional bodies, we can all strive to ensure a COVID-secure environment upon the re-opening of thousands of businesses on the 4th of July.

For anymore information on preparing your ventilation for re-opening your business, get in touch with us. We’re here to help you with all of your ventilation and heating needs.